Sunday, July 15, 2007

Site Updates!

Hey everyone, sorry about the long period without any updates, but they are coming. Check back in the next couple of days for our campers/counselors of the week, pictures from field trips, and the olympics! Lots of updates are coming in the next few days, so keep checking back!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Week Three C.O.W.S!!

Week Three Camper of the Week
Morgan Atherton
We have now awarded our third camper of the week to Morgan Atherton. Morgan has been coming to camp for years now and with every year he demonstrates more enthusiasm and excitement! Each morning at opening circle, Morgan is the camper that is screaming at the top of his lungs to make sure that he is heard. When ever a counselor needs help, Morgan is there provide a helping hand, demonstrating his great sense of responsibility! Morgan is receiving a gift certificate and will be entered in a drawing for a grand prize at the end of summer! Congratulations Morgan!!
Week Three C.O.W!!
Shannon Csizmadia
W have awarded our newest counselor of the week, Shannon Csizmadia!! This is Shannon’s first summer with Honor Bright, but not her first with the YMCA. Shannon has worked as a counselor at Camp Adventure in the past, but is more than enjoying her time so far with Honor Bright!! Shannon is always bright and cheery, no matter the time of day!! At opening and closing circle, Shannon is always singing and acting crazy helping to make opening circle an enjoyable time for all! Shannon has been a great addition to the Honor Bright staff and because of this; she is being awarded a gift certificate!
Congratulations Shannon!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Overnighter 2007!!

Our annual camper overnighter was a huge success!! On June 8, we had more than 35 campers experience spending the night under the stars at Honor Bright. We started the evening by putting up tents, talking with staff, and playing on the playground. When all the parents left, the fun really started. We kicked off the night with a game of "sticks" and the went down to the fire to cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows for smores...

After spending time down at the fire, it was time for some more snacks and a couple games. It was also a great time for campers to get situated in their tents. Campers were also given the chance to look at the stars through a telescope (Thanks Jamie). Our night ended with a late night hike that had us navigating the woods with our flashlights listening and looking for the wildlife the lives at Honor Bright...

After returning to camp it was time to get ready for bed before lights out!! Needless to say, it was an early morning for everyone involved, but it was a great experience for staff and campers alike!!
We would like to thank everyone that helped by donating food and/or money. We would also like to thank those parents who were willing to spend some extra time helping to put up some tents!!! This night was successful because of your contribution of time, money, and gifts!! Thanks so much and we are already looking forward to next year's overnighter!!

Swiiming Week 1 & 2

The pictures below were taken at our trips to the Jeffersonville Aquatic Center!!

The pictures below are from the first two weeks of swimming at River Valley Middle School!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Week 2 C.O.W.S!!!

Week Two Camper of the Week!!

Trey Gonzalez

We have now awarded our second camper of the week, his name is Trey Gonzalez!! This is Trey’s first year at Camp Honor Bright, but already he has raised the bar for other campers to receive this recognition. Always first to volunteer with a smile on his face and while being a great sport, Trey has greatly demonstrated the four core values that the YMCA runs its programs, caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.
Congratulations Trey!!

Week Two C.O.W.

Megan Byler

We have awarded our newest counselor of the week, Megan Byler!! This is Megan’s first year at Honor Bright, but Megan has been a part of the YMCA through the C.I.T. program, the before and after school program, and a camp counselor at other camps over the past years. Megan has stepped up to the challenges of Honor Bright and she always has a smile on her face. Her enthusiasm and dedication are unparalleled, even early in the morning!!

Congratulations Megan !!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Week 1 C.O.W.s!!!!

Week One Camper of the Week!!

Lexi Gurr

This is Lexi's first year at Camp Honor Bright, but she started off the summer with a bang! Lexi played all the new games like a pro, but always played with the best attitude!! Her smile never left her face and these are the reasons that she receives our first camper of the week award!! Lexi receives a gift certificate and her name entered into a drawing at the end of summer!!
Congratulations Lexi!!

Week One C.O.W. (Counselor of the Week)!!!

Eric Stackhouse

Eric Stackhouse has been with Camp Honor Bright and the YMCA for years. Eric grew up as a camper, then a CIT, and now a counselor and our first counselor of the week for the 2007 camp season. He receives this recognition because of his enthusiasm that he brings each day to camp!! Most campers will tell you that Eric is among the loudest and "craziest" counselors at camp!! Eric's dedication, enthusiasm, and overall great attitude have earned him this award and a gift certificate!!

Congratulations Eric!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Fear Factor 2007

Here are some pictures of our Fear Factor Challenge. This is a game that has campers answering questions before coming up to the table to see if they can eat a unappetizing combination of different camp foods. Several kids took part in this event that is quickly becoming a camp favorite.

Congratulations to all of our winners!!